“It takes a village to raise a child” is a proverb which implies that it takes a whole community to care about a person´s development in order to fully develop his or her potential. By acknowledging that every child is talented and that everybody is responsible for contributing to the education of children – parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, local Clubs and visitors – the ALP aims at establishing a learning community. The ALP offers a learning program, which fosters challenging opportunities for learning, exploring, personality development and problem solving. Its curriculum aims to inspire people to create a more sustainable, peaceful and resilient glocal community based on reciprocity. By creating a virtual platform and a real-life platform in the former swimming hall, the Hallenbad, the participants are invited to share their knowledge, skills and resources. A focus is on hands-on activities such as farming, craftsmanship and on traditional techniques, and at the same time modern knowledge. Cultural activities are also part of the program and can include arts and crafts, theater, music, sports and play, nature education as well as volunteering. During the European Forum Alpbach (August 13th – 29th), a two-week summer program for students aged 7-14 takes place.


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