It all starts with a dream…


The ALP was founded after in impulse given by Karin Duftner, senior manager of the Hotel Böglerhof, by Johanna Mihevc, a former scholarshipholder of the EFA, educator and student of peace. The idea was put into practice one and a half years ago by a group of international students who initiated the use of the former swimming pool as a place of encounter, learning and creativity, entitled Mountain Learning Space.

Last summer the European Forum Alpbach used the building of the shut-down swimming pool as the Vollpension, a cultural cafe, and the swimming pool became a stage for discussions and performances of artists such as designers or a sprayer who sprayed the swimming pool. In the theatre performances of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts entitled “The Other Magic Mountain” the story of the founding father of the European Forum Alpbach, Otto Molden, is featured. Molden talks about his dream after his experiences in World War II to bring together students, intellectuals and political leaders to re-create a peaceful Europe. In his moving monologue he exclaims, “I´ve had the most wonderful dream and it won´t go away. It makes me sweat at night and wake up gasping. I close my eyes and there it is!” while standing on the slide of the pool where children from the village had written with white chalk “wishes” and “dreams” during the Mountain Learning Space Week.


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